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The "Cayman Kings" (France)

 Schmutzig-Erdiger  60`s Garagen Beat- Rock`n Roll  vom Feinsten.

"Cayman Kings" sind wild, rauh, überzeugend und ehrlich.
Dennoch: Sie bellen nur, sie beißen nicht !
Ein  Hut-Konzert, für unsere Club Montreux Fans, die mal richtig
mit uns aufdrehen wollen, ganz im Stil revolutionärer Rock`n Roll Zeiten der unvergesslichen 60`s.

Für Fans erster Stones Zeiten, The Kinks, Small Faces u.ä.

Through a striking fury, as if possessed and mad, Cayman Kings stands for an acid psychedelia that feeds on a sharp fuzz and a damned organ. Ready to pound its impetous walk and sing harmonious grunts, the beast lurks through its third eyelid for a feast.

While crawling through venues and festivals across France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy or Spain, the quintet grew a solid live reputation and even rubbed its scales against those of Iggy Pop, Lord of Altamont or Arthur Brown.

Their first album, Suffering Chelsea Boots (Soundflat Records), was released in 2016, the same year they won the Main Square contest, which helped them introduce their first
Cayman Kings - Marigold under Scales ( 2019)

Vocals / Timoté Iglesias 
Organ / Guillermo Pacheco Megias 
Guitar / Maxime Bressel 
Bass / Pierre Martinelli 
Drums / Marvin Morelle

LP through close to a hundred gigs. Boldly devoted, Cayman Kings gathers an audience that gets larger every moment, going beyond the garage scene's limits.

In 2018, the band comes back for a 2nd album, Marygold Under Scales, from which the first single, Pink & Blue, sets the tone : a little more psychedelia, carefully considered melodies, but the same instinct.

Between nostalgia and more present concerns, Cayman Kings asserts itselves through that album whose release date is set for February 2019. Once again, the 5-body-beast will crawl and seek rapture across Europe, starting with Spain and Portugal.
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